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Deep Sector Expertise

Illuminate understands the challenges our founders face. We bring extensive experience as the entrepreneur, vendor, industry executive, and end consumer. We provide capital with capability that actively contributes to the growth of a young company.

Mark Beeston

Founder & Managing Partner

Laura Greene

Executive Assistant

Charlton Hook

Investment Executive

Joshua Olusanya


Mark Rodrigues

Senior Advisor

Rezso Szabo

General Partner

Ting Yan

Investment Executive

Molly Day

Team Assistant

Hugo Hazon


Peter Hung

Investment Executive

Andrew Patey

Finance Director

Alexander Ross

General Partner, Head of NYC

Rachel Townend

Chief of Staff

Rosie Zehtab

Head of Community

Alex Gheorghe


Oliver Hickinbotham

Finance Manager

Laura Kindness

Executive Assistant

Max Prozorovskyi

Data Analyst

Shivani Shashidar

Investment Executive

Katherine Wilson

Investment Director

Luca Zorzino

General Partner, Head of Asia

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