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Workflow Automation

The behavioural compass that every organisation needed yesterday

Culture and ethics are at the core of every great organisation yet there are scarce few tools that directly address this. Not only are the regulatory and reputational risks enormous for failings, firms who get this right can enjoy a huge competitive advantage to their peers as it’s well known that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. For firms operating in heavily regulated industries, such as financial services where there have been high profile failures in benchmark rigging, the bar is even higher. Traditional HR platforms deal primarily with payroll, benefits, recruitment, and organisational structure. Incumbent whistleblowing hotlines are not user friendly are often too little too late.

The team at Vault spotted this gap. Their digital first platform, underpinned by a sophisticated unstructured data capture engine, gives employees a safe space to raise concerns, have their queries intelligently routed to the correct avenue, and promptly actioned. Not only do clients benefit from the headline administrative savings, but they can also look around corners and see the behavioural icebergs that may be lurking ahead.

Given the importance of the financial services sector to Vault Platform’s expansion plans, it was a no brainer that Illuminate is the right partner for our Series A round. They have proven value to us from day 1 of our relationship, and above all – they are truly aligned on our mission of driving ethics and trust to financial institutions worldwide.

Neta Meidav
CEO & Co-founder

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