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Tel Aviv, Israel


Digital Assets

Interacting with blockchains, made simple. SendBlocks enables you to save up to 80% in development efforts and reduce time to market from months to weeks.

SendBlocks is a data platform especially customized for high throughput blockchains, allowing blockchain enterprises, ecosystems, protocols and applications to define the data that matters to them, and leave it to SendBlocks to sift through the blockchain to find their nuggets.

While in traditional web2 development, backend engineers build and access databases directly; in the blockchain ecosystem, the blockchain itself acts as the backend, accessed through RPC calls. SendBlocks significantly reduces backend and indexing efforts for blockchain developers while maintaining flexibility and robustness by consolidating the conventional indexer/RPC process into a single, user-friendly platform.

Co-founders Itay Shrem and Michael Kellner lead a strong team coming from notorious web2 enterprises such as Microsoft, AWS and Talpiot intelligence unit as well as web3 orgs such as Bancor and Algorand.

It was very important for us, as first time founders, to partner with VCs that could assist during the early stages of building out the company and provide real value. For us, that centered around intros to other investors and potential clients. Illuminate Financial has been in our corner every step of the way, easily accessible and super helpful with opening doors.

Itay Shrem, Co-founder & CEO

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