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Productivity and compliance solution that tracks, classifies and analyses communication streams

Using next generation artificial intelligence methodologies, FeedStock filters, tracks and classifies work-related activities for clients in capital markets. The system is integrated and non-disruptive, designed to sit in the existing IT infrastructure to automatically capture interaction data across applications and business tools to generate rich, insightful engagement analytics.

FeedStock’s set of powerful algorithms perform complex filtering and analytical functions to fulfil commercial as well as compliance use cases. Using multiple data streams, FeedStock automates time-consuming, non-revenue-generating tasks, such as logging the consumption of research for MiFID II, mapping productivity and inputting data into CRM systems. FeedStock’s dataset is accurate, consistent and complete, providing its users with comprehensive insights and empowering them to make better decisions. FeedStock enhances operational efficiency, improves your bottom line and reduces error, making your time more profitable.

The technology functions across multiple electronic and voice execution venues, and includes pricing engines, market data and liquidity/pricing data, quoting management, electronic trading workflows, compliance systems, post trade automation, and integration with third party analytics and systems.

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