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Cambridge, England


Cloud Migration

Profian aims to bring cryptographic proof and verifiable trust to general computing.

Profian is a security company, providing products and services in the Confidential Computing space. Profian is committed to open source software, and is based on the Enarx project.

Profian will provide products and services to deploy cloud-native applications in line with established workflows, using existing languages and development tools. Profian believes that customers should not need to change the languages, programming approaches or deployment pipelines in order to benefit from Confidential Computing.

Profian also believes that the greatest transparency leads to the greatest security, and for that reason, is committed to providing completely open source solutions.

We are delighted that Illuminate Financial invested in our Seed Round, and the expertise and contacts they and their portfolio companies have brought to us have already been invaluable to Profian. Working with an investor with such a broad and deep network is providing us with access to an existing ecosystem that matches our existing needs and allows us to anticipate future opportunities.

Mike Bursell
Founder & CEO

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