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Data and Analytics

Data privacy software designed to minimise risk, achieve regulatory compliance and help organisations realise the promise of their data

Big data analytics is highly topical for many industries in today’s world. Organisations across private and public sectors are being challenged to do more with data. But they also have a universal responsibility to protect sensitive or confidential information. This is a major challenge for any company operating in a highly regulated industry (and yes, financial services qualify for sure!). How best to balance the benefits gained from data insights whilst conforming to data regulatory requirements and policy in protecting customer data.

Privitar is an enabler for data innovation. The company operates at the intersection of Big Data, data science and cyber security, providing software products that add privacy protection to leading data infrastructures. Their solutions allow the publishing and sharing of data while protecting data privacy and maintaining regulatory compliance, solving what is currently a high priority board-level issue.

Every organisation that collects and analyses data is grappling with the issue of data privacy. They are all potential customers for their privacy-enhancing software solution. Banking and financial services are at the forefront of this change and were a core target vertical for Privitar.

We were looking for an investor that could bring us value beyond capital, with specialist knowledge and connectivity in financial services. The Illuminate team delivered on that promise and helped enormously during our formative years by making helpful introductions to prospective customers, channel partners and potential investors… Illuminate definitely provide value beyond capital.

Jason du Preez

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