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ESG & Climate

Data provider to measure impact outcomes

Net Purpose is on a mission to make impact measurement effortless for all investors by 2025. One third of all the world’s capital (c$90 trillion) is now committed to investing sustainably or for impact. Net Purpose is the world’s first data provider for these investors: who invest for profit and purpose.

Our view is that over the next decade we will begin to quantify many of the aspects of company behaviour which, until now, have been largely subjective and more of an afterthought. These data points will move from being alternative to mainstream and any market participant not factoring them into their analysis will be putting themselves at risk of mispricing assets. We do not believe this is a passing ‘feel good’ fad. Nor do we believe that Impact & ESG can be satisfied with a box ticking exercise after the fact. Being able to properly quantify and measure these factors makes cold, hard business sense given the revenue opportunity for managers who can capitalise, and the regulatory risks for those who cannot.

We are building a business to transform financial markets and we need investors who understand this landscape. Illuminate Financial are this specialist investor and have an extensive network in the financial services industry. The Illuminate team added value even before they invested and they’ve been incredibly pro-active from day one, making relevant connections and putting their name and brand behind us.

Samantha Duncan
Co-founder & CEO

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