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Buenos Aires, Argentina


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Commercial systematics ® platform that integrates 7 modules (CRM, BPM, incentives, datalake, omnichannel, AI, digital marketing) in one place

N5 Now is a company in full expansion with the differential of having developed a Software Platform exclusively designed for the Finance Industry (Insurance Companies, Banks, Digital Payments Companies, Digital Banks, and other Industry Players).

The N5 Now Suite was designed with the purpose of pushing the digital transformation of the sector, standing out for being intuitive, simple, scalable, and able to quickly adapt to each client's needs, no matter what technological stage they are in. With rapid implementation, resulting in a 53% increase in commercial productivity, over 20 points improvement in the Net Promoter Score (NPS), and a 16% reduction in distribution costs, it allows for tangible results within 100 days. The suite is a systematic platform with native integration of all the necessary software for a financial institution such as CRMs, BPMs, incentives, Omnichannel, capable of breaking down the natural barrier preventing banks from innovating, as it frees these institutions from the complexity of their legacy systems.

The company was founded in 2017 in New York mostly by former bank executives. Presenting an annual growth of 200% per year and business presence in 15 countries, N5 Now has positioned itself as a benchmark in the sector and has its portfolio of platform and services clients are companies such as Mastercard, Santander, Credicorp Bank, Zurich, Sudameris, N26, Farmers Insurance, Atlas bank, BCP, among others.

The Illuminate Financial team possesses an unusual blend of virtues—brilliance coupled with intellectual humility, a supportive yet challenging approach, and a perfect balance between seriousness and informality. We consider ourselves truly fortunate to have found such outstanding partners.

Julian Colombo CEO & Founder

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