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Paris, France


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Enterprise-grade staking made easy

Kiln is building the leading enterprise-grade staking platform to enable the growth and security of the decentralised world. Kiln's team is based in Paris, London, and Amsterdam, with a track record of operational excellence with over a $500m stake across 15+ protocols. Kiln comprises people coming from Circle, Chainalysis, Palantir, Google, ConsenSys, Ledger, Polygon, and Improbable. Kiln provides a staking-as-a-service product, either directly to institutional customers, or as an integrated API product for companies to incorporate staking services into their offerings. Both come with integrations with all major wallets and custodians, automated rewards management, industry-leading SLA and a comprehensive monitoring solution, available through a dashboard, APIs or smart-contracts. Kiln is on a mission to accelerate the Web3 industry.

I am thrilled to close a robust funding round, and to have partnered with Illuminate Financial, which will enable us to build out the next generation market standard in staking technology. At Kiln, we believe it is critical to provide enterprise grade infrastructure to institutional users, that in turn enables our customers to create new opportunities for their users. Illuminate’s thesis of backing companies that build the future rails of financial services resonated with our vision and we’re delighted to work with Charlton and Rezso as board member and board observer.

Laszlo Szabo
Co-Founder & CEO

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