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Paris, France


ESG & Climate

Finres offers AI and science-based solutions for banks to optimise agricultural investments in the face of climate change.

Finres analyses past and current trends and extremes in climate using AI and science, which allows them to accurately predict future trends in climate when considering global warming and climate change and inform banks, international organisations, and other institutions what measures farmers can take to make sure that their crops and livestock do not suffer. With the unfortunate reality of global warming, finres’ solution ensures that the agriculture sector is prepared. The company currently operates in 32 countries and 4 continents and has supported over 1.4 billion investments with an increase in productivity per hectare of up to 50%.

We’re very happy to have Illuminate Financial’s backing of our climate change and agriculture adaptation solutions. We admire their commitment to transform technology and financial services and look forward to our continued collaboration with such a great team.

Florent Baarsch, Founder and CEO

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