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Munich, Germany


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Europe’s fastest-growing energy trading platform

Enmacc is targeting a very large market with €1 trillion of Over-The-Counter traded gas and power in 7 EU markets. Increasing complexity and volatility in the supply and demand of energy across Europe is increasing the need for more sophisticated energy trading platforms and products. On the supply side there is a political drive to close nuclear power stations and coal power stations (which provide stable supply – and as much as 60% of total supply) , whilst simultaneously increasing the capacity of intermittent renewable energy. To add to this the price of Carbon Emission Credits is rapidly increasing (420% increase in the last 3 years) and there are ongoing concerns around the security of supply across Europe. On the demand side there is increasing demand for renewable energy from consumers, significant growth in power hungry electric cars (which also add storage capacity to the grid) and an increase in smart IoT home devices. In addition to the macro factors the incumbent OTC energy trading platforms are showing a complete lack of innovation and investment in upgrading tech whilst simultaneously displaying monopolistic pricing tendencies.

Enmacc’s platform is cloud native and offers full API connectivity enabling clients to easily connect their own analytics/pricing engines directly to the platform. Simultaneously enmacc is integrating best of breed applications and services onto the platform (e.g. settlement) to offer their clients a better front to back experience. enmacc has proven that they are able to hire the best talent; whether this is convincing traders/brokers in the market to join in sales positions, hiring the best tech talent or adding the former Vice-Chancellor of Germany and former President of Trayport (incumbent OTC commodities trading platform) as advisers, they have the right people around them to make this business a success.

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