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New York, USA


Data and Analytics

End-to-end data management, reporting and analytics platform offering loan level transparency and insight into lending markets

The number, and volumes, of marketplace lending platforms continues to grow strongly with an increasing proportion of the loan capital coming from institutional investors. There is a need for standardization and transparency across the fragmented landscape of platforms to enable institutional investors to more effectively deploy capital and price risk in this new asset class.

dv01’s all-in-one data management, reporting, and analytics platform brings transparency and insight to lending markets—making them more efficient for institutional investors and safer for the world.

As the technological hub between lenders and capital markets, dv01 provides all market participants with unprecedented data transparency, insight, and analytics. To date, dv01 has offered investors insight into over $15 billion of securitizations and more than $64 billion of consumer, small business, real estate, auto, and student loans from the largest online lenders, including LendingClub, Prosper, and SoFi.

Illuminate’s unique focus on financial markets fills in a major blind spot of the traditional venture capital. Money alone often isn’t the solution for a lot of startups that are trying to do business in financial markets with huge institutions.

Perry Rahbar
CEO & Founder

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