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Digital Assets

Institutional-grade digital asset risk management platform which helps asset managers understand the full spectrum of risks they are exposed to with their portfolios.

Cloudwall Capital is a digital asset risk specialist building a risk platform for institutional investors, Serenity. Founded by a team of capital markets veterans with over 65 years of experience between them, it brings together institutional-grade quant and technology talent to the challenges of managing risks in the coming Blockchain Economy. As digital assets move from speculative assets to niche investment to the foundation of all of finance, Cloudwall Capital aims to provide institutional investors the tools they need to navigate this change.

The company's flagship product, Serenity, is a risk management platform for digital asset hedge funds, asset managers, prop traders, OTC trading desks, broker/dealers, lenders and anyone else managing a diverse portfolio of digital assets at scale. It will incorporate models for market risk, liquidity risk, operational risk from DeFi smart contracts, counterparty credit risk and more, all built on top of a world-class platform tuned for digital assets. These tools will ultimately help bring trillions of dollars of capital to the blockchain by giving institutional investors the confidence that they can understand and intelligently manage the risks.

The team at Illuminate Financial has been incredibly supportive from the very start, helping make connections and providing thoughtful feedback on our company's vision and plans. Their ability to link fintechs to the broader world of finance, from small crypto firms to large Wall Street institutions is unparalleled, and we are looking forward to working with them in the years to come.

Kyle Downey
Founder & CEO

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