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London, UK


ESG & Climate

BeZero provides ratings and risk analytics for the voluntary carbon market, with carbon credit ratings accessible through its website, on third party platforms via API and through BeZero Carbon Markets, a ratings, research and risk analytics platform.

BeZero Carbon is a global ratings agency for the Voluntary Carbon Market. Its carbon credit ratings allow all market participants to price and manage risk. BeZero’s carbon ratings and research tools support buyers, intermediaries, investors, and carbon project developers.

Founded in April 2020, its 80 strong team combines climatic and earth sciences, sell-side financial research, earth observation, machine learning, data and technology, engineering, and public policy expertise. Its head office is in London, with people working from five continents.

Illuminate Financial are excellent to work with. They share our ambition for the work we're doing: combining financial market, scientific and policy expertise to scale carbon markets and climate action. They've challenged and supported us, and have been invaluable partners as we focus the business and build out the team.

Tommy Ricketts
CEO & Co-Founder

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