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Bangalore, India


Sustainable Finance

Accacia is an AI-enabled SAAS platform built for real estate owners, asset managers, developers and operators to track their portfolio-level Scope 1/2/3 emissions and design their decarbonization journey.

Accacia is an AI-enabled platform to help real estate and infrastructure companies (developers, asset managers, financial institutions, and operators) meet their net-zero goals. Real estate and infrastructure contribute to ~40% of global CO2 emissions and at the given speed, it’s expected to cost the world's financial sector $24.2tn, making it one of the most critical sectors to tackle the #climatechange problem. Our platform automates the measurement of scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon emissions for operating assets, and embodied carbon for under-construction assets.

We are privileged to be part of Illuminate Financial portfolio. Our experience right from the first interaction was extremely well structured, professional, and transparent. The entire team put in a lot of effort at the back end before every meeting to make the interaction highly productive at both ends. The best part was the kind of introductions the team was able to provide even before they came on our cap table. We look forward to creating a large impactful business together with the Illuminate team.

Annu Talreja

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